Weeks Peacock Homes is now Weeks. Visit our new website here.
As part of the process of merging our brands, the Weeks Peacock Homes website is now superceded by the new Weeks Building Group website.
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About Weeks Peacock


Weeks Peacock Quality Homes is a South Australian family owned business that has been building new homes for over 25 years. The company has grown to be one of South Australia's leading home builders and continues to challenge the market to deliver a quality product on all levels.

When building a new home our dedication to customer satisfaction is testament to our use of innovative products and building technologies with the highest standards of design. The inclusion of Supaloc Steel frames and Thermaloc insulation is setting the standard in quality, economical and energy efficient housing. Combining the strength of Supaloc Steel framing with the outstanding thermal properties of rigid cellular insulation delivers a home that is safe, secure & can save you up to 50% on energy costs.

Weeks Peacock offer a range of new home designs tailored to suit a variety of lifestyles. Included in this range are single storey designs, two storey homes, sloping site designs and many more.

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Thermaloc Thermal Insulation System